At the centre of your heart lies a spark. A pure, divine light. It is endless, timeless and limitless. It is your essence. It is your truth. It is pure love.

TempleSoul is a philosophy, a way of living - one that you can integrate into your daily life. With practice and dedication, you can make the choice to empower yourself with a new way of being.

TempleSoul can be adopted by anyone; Young or old, male or female, no matter your religious persuasion or partner preference.

It is simply a different way of existing and behaving. A philosophy that will see you live a more peaceful, happy and joyful life.

One full of love and light.


our story

While TempleSoul was officially established in Singapore in May 2016, this is a journey upon which I have been for many years. I had established “Radio Bambini” in an effort to bring joy, laughter and learning to children – and “Child of the Week”, to bring families closer together. While I had always felt a deep love and protective concern for children, at the same time I always felt there was another piece to my puzzle. Deep within I could always sense a spiritual flame burning; my true self.

But how did I give oxygen to this flame – to help it light me up – as I knew it should?

It was not until we moved to Singapore in 2009, when I felt truly connected to this inner flame. From India to Myanmar, from Bali to Cambodia: the acceptance of one’s inner spirit was everywhere. This inspired me to go deeper; to meditate, to reflect, to heal, to recognize, and give life to my flame.

Welcome to TempleSoul.

May your journey be both rewarding and enlightening.