A Soul’s Journey – 40

“A Healing Circle……….”

Bali was healing.

I did a lot of soul searching, a lot of clearing and had a visit from Saraswati – the Hindu Goddess of learning, music, creative arts, knowledge and wisdom.

It was a powerful exchange and I could feel the divine energy coursing through my veins.

I had four days of meditation and work on the inner; clearing, healing and expanding.

Arga drove me to the airport four days later and we would say goodbye the way two old souls of 200 years would say goodbye, not two friends who had spent just 7 hours in each others company!

It was back to Singapore.

In a few short weeks Julius and I would head to Yangon, in Myanmar so I could take part in Channel News Asia’s Television Competition for Start-Ups. I would present Radio Bambini.

It was a fabulous, terrifying experience but the highlight of the trip for me was our dawn and dusk visits to the Schwedagon Pagoda, meditating and chanting with a group of monks in their saffron robes as the first rays of the morning sun kissed the golden stupa and then again at night to watch the evening lamp lighting which would see thousands of lamps flickering and dancing around the edge of this incredible monument.

2015 was drawing to a close.

We would soon head off to Adelaide and spend our first Christmas back home in 7 years.

As I was checking my emails I came across a healing circle that would take place at Sacred Space here in Singapore.

It would address relationship issues, and the healer facilitating the circle, Catherine, would help us release any blockages from toxic relationships – whether real or imagined!!!!

I rang and booked.

It was a very powerful evening and one that would see me release even further.

She said I found it very hard to Let Go! – (tell me something I don’t know!!)

The tissue’s came out and once again I felt like I had been crying for 7 hours!

It was a very cathartic evening, and a very nice way to finish off the year.

It had been a tumultuous road.

A lot of sad endings.

A lot of chances to say goodbye and feel comfortable with change.

A lot of opportunities to practice trust and faith as challenges were upon us time and time again.

A lot of chances to sit comfortably alongside death.

I was spent.

Two weeks in Adelaide and at the beach with family and friends would be just the ticket!

Pack that beach cricket set and surf board.

I’m out of here!