A Soul’s Journey – 42

“Fury Road………….”

We had a lovely family Christmas at my sister Melissa’s complete with children showcasing their musical talent and Annie and Papa getting misty-eyed when their grandsons grabbed their instruments and sang Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl – mum’s favourite.

A few days later we packed our bags and headed seaside.

There’s nothing quite like it.

The beaches in Adelaide are amongst the best in the world!

Sun. Surf and Sand.

We would be enjoying every minute of this revitalising vacation.

I posted a shot on Facebook of the kids playing beach cricket – it was a stunner!

But no sooner had I posted, I had PM’s galore.

Are you guys at Maslins?

Can we pop over?

We’re just at Middleton!

….and so it was arranged.

Everyone could come over for a BBQ lunch the following day.

We texted Max who was amongst the first to arrive, with his new puppy Pho Shizzle in tow.

We had such a fabulous day. There’s nothing like friends.

Old or new.

The kids had a ball, walking down to the beach – old enough to do it unsupervised now.

The smell of chops and sausages on the barbie, the laughter of old mates and everyone chatting over each other.

Hugs, love and laughter.

It was perfect!

It went on well into the night.

Will and I the last to pull up stumps at around 2am.

The cleaning would definitely have to wait until the morning.

And then it came.

Out of nowhere.

Completely unexpected.

A fury like no other.