A Soul’s Journey – 43

“A Fight About Nothing…..”

I crawled into bed, a smile on my face.

I’d just had the most beautiful day.

Friends and family, the perfect combination.

I went to bed with the dulcet tones of Van Morrison’s Bright Side of the Road, ringing in my ears.

Our youngest had sleepily wandered in from the tv room where all the kids now soundly slept. Their skin ever so slightly warmed having been kissed by the sun.

He snuggled up between us.

Safe and sleepy.

Then it happened.

Out of nowhere, a tirade like no other about my supposed deep affection for Max!


He had to be kidding.

I just rolled my eyes and told him in no uncertain terms to shut-up and go back to sleep, that he was being ridiculous.

Not only that but it was inappropriate given our son was snuggled up in between us.

But it kept going.

I found myself in the front room, the only audible noise, the humming of an old fridge trying its hardest to keep things cool.

I know how it feels!!

I lost it.

I was so angry.

It was immature and ridiculous and besides I didn’t have anywhere to sleep but the stupid brown leather chesterfield.

I was looking around for a cover.


I found a damp, sandy towel that had been dragged begrudgingly ashore after a day at the beach.

This would have to do.