A Soul’s Journey – 44

“Old bits and Soggy Chips……”

I arose early the next morning.

I packed enough things for the day and set off.

I didn’t want to see anyone.

So much for telling the truth!

If I had just lied about my feelings for ‘X’ and said I didn’t have feelings for him, would any of this be happening????

The beach was magnificent, a haven for my aching soul.

The sky was vast and blue, filled with the distinctive call of the gull.

The wind blew ever-so slightly – caressing me softly – reassuring me everything would be alright.

I walked,

and walked,

and walked.

I wanted to go to the furthest part of the beach and sit amongst the rocks, dangle my legs in the soothing lap of the wave.

It was like getting a big hug from the Universe.

Maslin Beach is the only nudist beach in South Australia.

I’ve got to be honest.

I was in a mood such that even if Michael Hutchence, Bono and Bernard all stood in front of me naked, with a wave of my hand, I would send them on their way.

I was not in the mood for nudity of any kind today, particularly mens.

Quite frankly I felt like chopping each and every one of them off and feeding them to the hungry gulls.

They were that old and shrivelled up they didn’t look unlike a soggy chip!

I sat quietly on the rocks and I don’t know why, but a parade of men just kept coming my way – in all their glory.

“Beautiful day isn’t it?” they’d say.

Really?? You have a whole goddam beach.

Why here, why now?

I don’t want you or your manly bits in my face right now. I just want to be by myself so I can cry and ponder my future.

I’d smile graciously, trying my hardest not to drop my gaze down south.

I sat for a couple of hours,

and then a couple more.

I started my way back.

Later that afternoon everyone went down the road to visit family but I stayed home.

My holiday ruined and not only by stupid naked people!

I wrote a scathing note and just said,

“Hoffman. Do it!”