A Soul’s Journey – 45

“Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes………..”

January 2016 saw some big changes.

Jules did The Hoffman Process and loved every second of it.

It’s a process, so it does take a while to integrate.

Let’s hope there are some noticeable changes.

For me it was a whole new world.

It was late January.

Family and friends were filtering back from their holidays abroad, sun kissed and happy, nourished by the sun, the sea and the sand – getting a re-boot from Mother Nature – looking relaxed and radiating that post holiday glow.

Ren, Dani and I sat having a drink in China Town, just off Club Street.

The atmosphere was slowly building as workers finished their long weeks and sought out friends to chat and laugh with, well into the night.

I had been told for years that I was a healer and a psychic.

I usually just smiled and inwardly rolled my eyes.


Actually, I was Graphic Designer who runs a website for kids and an app for families.

Just where were they getting their information????

Dani looked at me and said,

“So chook. When are you starting your healing course?”

And that was it.

Three times.

And so it was.

The next day I visited a website I had found the year earlier.

For some reason, I knew this was the one.

It resonated very deeply within me, it just felt right.

I enrolled in the Ashati International Institute of Energy Healing and my life has never been the same since.