A Soul’s Journey – 46

“Going Home………..”

I seriously could not get enough of this!


Rachael Cox.


Who knew!!!!!!!

Jules said I was like a kid in a candy shop.

I’d ring Dani and excitedly declare…..

“I know this, I know ALL this!!!!!”

and she’d say, “I know chook, you’re remembering”.

It would be a long journey of discovery – my memory is not my strongest asset – I forgot my own cousin in Rundle Street one day – sorry Sarah!

But I was home.

Well, at least half-way home.

Realms and dimensions,

Chakras and auras,

Guides and angels,

It was all so completely fabulous!

You are given a year to complete all the modules in the Healer Training – the modules, the workshops, the activations.

I had finished by April!

It was like an emotional roller-coaster!

I was self-healing daily for months on end and was bringing up all kinds of crazy stuff.

Past lives, old heart-aches, lost loves, abuse, shame and ridicule all came up for healing.

It rolled in like a big, slow old wave from deep in the ocean, one after the other, I was barely able to catch my breath.

It rose slowly but steadily, higher and higher until it reached its pinnacle, being pushed to its limit by the force of the vast and deep body of water,then slowly receding back to a neutral point, not questioning the reason why – just accepting nature’s way – not holding back, not resisting, just going with the flow.

It was April when a gorgeous little shop came up for rent in our local village, Greenwood.

I had seen it two years earlier and wanted it desperately, for what I didn’t know.

And so it was made official.

On May the 1st 2016, I would take over a one year lease, down the road from Baker & Cook, above the dry-cleaner.

My Sacred Space.

My TempleSoul.