A Soul’s Journey – 47


It all started with a hand-full of friends.

All willing to support me on my new healing journey.

One friend helped me decorate it in record time, a consummate professional, thanks Nyella!

Phuong from Art Blue Studio had adorned my walls with beautiful serene and healing Vietnamese Art,

and my beautiful, glorious friends and family all came for healing, even the skeptical ones, I thank you from the bottom of my heart Tash and Gina.

I tracked down my favourite incense I had found in Santa Margarita and it was delivered – it was just all too perfect, all too smooth, all too delicious,

and that was how it stayed!

That’s how the Universe works when you’re in flow.

When you are following your divine path.

By September I would have a newsletter and a timetable – I would now offer healing, yoga and meditation.

As soon as I’d put out the call for teachers – it would return in lightening speed!

A beautiful community was gathering, effortlessly and divinely guided.

Kevin Yee-Chan who Jules and I had met while on retreat in Ubud would make his debut at TempleSoul in November and would bring with him his gentle, healing nature.

Chanting mantra while playing the Harmonium or taking one of the most romantic yoga classes I’d ever seen it was so fabulous working with him.

Two soul mates bonding, together again in this lifetime, to help each other grow and learn,

Metta meditations took place – to offer loving-kindness to the world – and groups would gather after the children had been put to bed, to chat about The Hoffman Process or to be introduced to Dr Theo, The Light Chiropractor.

It was the perfect space.

A place to be held by spirit.

Not judged, not passed sentence, not condemned.

Just held.

Held gently, so one could let go in a safe environment and be supported fully while they found their own way back home.

I was home.

Exactly where I needed to be.

Doing exactly what I needed to do.

My life so much richer for meeting all these beautiful souls that took the time to come for healing, who trusted my hands and my heart to gently guide and support them.