A Soul’s Journey – 48

” Some Heavenly Healing Guidance……….”

I always listen.

Especially when anyone says, “you need to go and see this person”, or “you must do this course” – it’s all direct guidance from Spirit and I was like a bloodhound on a fox hunt – anything that would help me raise my resonance, heal my soul, clear my spirit – I was there!

I was having breakfast one morning at Cluny Court with Dani and she looked at me and said,

“Have you seen Yantara Jiro?”

I laughed and said, “Is that his real name?”

No sooner had we finished breakfast – I had googled him – gone to his website, emailed him and was booked to see him the following week.

Dani couldn’t believe it! He was almost never in Singapore due to his popularity in other Asian cities.

So along I went.

As I was navigating my way down the PIE through Joo Chiat I was getting more and more nervous.


I’m not sure.

I’d never met this man before, never heard of him, and here I was going to a stranger’s house – trusting spirit implicitly.

I arrived at an enormous HDB.

I just sat in the car, early, as usual – how was I ever going to find it?

I asked the little old aunty if she could point me in the right direction.

She smiled, one of those gorgeous toothless Asian smiles and she showed me the way,

Up I went.

I was at the door.

Hesitantly, I rang the doorbell.

Who would be behind?

And then he appeared.

He was the slightest, most serene man I had ever met. All in white, his long black hair falling loosely to his waist.

He had a face which could have been male, could have been female and a voice to match. He was tiny and if he turned sideways he almost disappeared!

He greeted me so warmly, sensing my nerves no doubt.

We sat down.

“So, why are you here?

Oh. I wasn’t expecting that! Um, because Dani told me to come?

“I can retrieve any information you want – anything at all from the Universe”.

Underprepared and mildly flustered, I blurted out work – what about work? I now have Radio Bambini, Child of the Week and TempleSoul on the go.

It was fabulous.

He gave me all the right guidance and exactly how to implement it. We then started talking about thoughts and feelings.

Mmmmmm, I thought. and sheepishly asked, squinting as I did so,

“So, say I had feelings for someone other than my husband, exactly how would I get rid of those?”