A Soul’s Journey – 49

“‘X’ + Y = Z…………”

He didn’t miss a beat.

“Were the feelings genuine?”

“Yes” I replied,

“Well that’s fine” he laughed.

“What’s important here is the feeling

“For a long time you have been neglecting a part of your soul energy, your spirit. Maybe because of how you were raised, the school you went to, or society in general. You thought this energy was bad, not appropriate for a woman, but by not truly embracing this unique soul energy, you were denying your truth. It’s like trying to cut off a piece of your divine energy, you can’t! It’s impossible!


You have to work with this energy.

What has happened is your soul, for whatever reason, has decided it needs this energy now.

This guy has come along and kindly put up his hand to activate it.

Thank you ‘X’ – See, the Universe is so clever! It even knew exactly the right type, minus the guitar and motorbike!

So, he has come along, and activated it.

He’s done his job,

and now he’s gone.

You now have what you need from him, and this is very important.

Now it’s time to integrate it!”, he says excitedly clapping his hands with glee!

“Right. So X has activated the energy and I have to integrate the energy?”


And if you don’t, another tall, dark handsome man will come along and activate it again”, he laughs.

No, no, no!!!

Teach me how, teach me how!

We don’t need another ‘X’ breezing through the gates!!!!!

It was now clear.

‘X’ had entered my life for a reason.

A reason that would make its long, slow reveal over the next few years.

“X’ was here to activate my Divine Goddess – a part of me I had fought hard to conceal.

Sexy, flirtatious, unpredictable and strong!

A free-spirit, a creative and powerful force.

I knew exactly this part of my spirit and I LOVED the way it felt. I hadn’t embraced her for years.

I loved the way ‘X’ made me feel, because, unbeknownst to me, ‘X’ was reconnecting me back to this much loved part of my nature.

‘X’ would help make me whole again.