A Soul’s Journey – 50


The Divine Goddess had been unleashed and now it was time to integrate all that wonderful energy into my being.

Tired of being suppressed and concealed, it was clear she was getting lonely in the closet!

The simplest way to do the integration was to enter meditation and then using ‘X’, conjure up the EXACT  feelings he brought out in me.

I had to be careful at this point, not to attach myself to feelings for him, just use the feeling he generated in me.

Yantara had pointed out that once successfully activated my feelings for him would lessen, they may even disappear altogether!

He said, I may have to re-do the integration in a month, maybe three, maybe twelve! Not to worry, whenever I felt my feelings increase for ‘X’ I was to do another activation.

It worked!!!!!!!

It was also important to sit for at least ten minutes, more if possible, with this feeling coursing through my body.

This was important if I was to have full integration.

Once I thought it was complete I could stop.

The Divine Goddess was on her way – she wouldn’t be fully integrated until April 2017, but she was definitely on her way.

He also told me of Dr Theo Kieu, The Light Chiropractor.

He said if I felt compelled to go and pay him a visit.

That he was capable of releasing some very stubborn, stagnant energy, that meditation and healing alone could not do.

Centuries old stuff.

Past life stuff.

Well that had me.

Hook, Line and Sinker.

I do love a past life :)

So it was off to see Dr. Theo Kieu for what would be an ongoing, almost weekly affair.

A healing journey of profound significance.

He was here to assist me in healing my broken heart.