A Soul’s Journey – 51

“A Heart Full of Love……….”


I have a plethora of spiritual guides to thank for their assistance in healing my ‘broken heart’.

I knew it wasn’t from this lifetime, and I now know why Patrick had entered my life all those years ago.

I was ready to heal this broken heart – albeit centuries later.

This is what I believe happens.

We carry things over from one lifetime to the next.

Until we are ready to heal.

Ready to release karma.

Ready to learn our lessons.

Ready to ascend.

I was ready now.

It was another opportunity for me to learn to let go.

Let go of the pain and the suffering I had been carrying around with me for lifetimes.

There was no doubt Patrick meant a lot to me and I had trouble letting him go but by doing so I could heal my heart and this is imperative to spiritual growth.

The heart, is the way ‘in’.

The way ‘home’, is in through your open heart.

Everything you ever needed lies within you.

Happiness, joy, abundance and love.

It’s all there.

And freedom.

Freedom from suffering, limited beliefs and negativity.


Love like you have never felt before.

Love that dissolves hatred, fear and anger, jealousy, desire, fear and rage.

Love that can heal.

Love that can make you whole.