A Soul’s Journey – 52

“Healing Hands, Healing Heart……”

I love the way Dr Theo works.

He is subtle.

He takes his time to ‘suss’ you out – to see if you’re a seeker and then he will guide you.

Slowly and almost with a whisper, he will just utter two or three things but they are of vital importance, direct guidance and clues as to your next steps.

It was taking a while to clear the pain in my heart, and it hurt!

It hurt a lot!

But we got there.


I had to pay a visit to Paul Filmer down at The Blue Lotus – he’s one of my favourite healer’s in Singapore.

I always go to Paul when I can’t seem to clear the debris.

He knows exactly what to do.

“Oh. It’s your heart. I can feel it. It’s sore”

How many times?

How long would it take?

“Did you ever consider Jules might be Patrick?” He said after the tumultuous healing.

Jules had said this a million times, however I chose not to listen on this occasion.

I rather liked Patrick separate! They were similar but I was convinced their energy wasn’t a direct match.

Same, Same but different, as they like to say in Asia.

But let’s face it – there are similarities.

  • I did meet Jules, the farm boy, at 16
  • and although he didn’t play the lute, he was in a rock-n’roll band
  • Black hair, brown eyes and dark skin, he does fit the bill

Coincidences, I’m sure!

Anyway, I digress.

In time we did heal my broken heart.

My favourite words Dr Theo ever uttered were,

“Well. the good news is, your heart’s open and it’s receiving”

Oh. My. Goodness.

Thank God for that!!!

I now know I can see Patrick anytime – I just have to connect with his unique energy signature – and there he be.

My gorgeous Irish lover.

There’s no space and time in the Infinite Universe – everyone exists in the now – in a massive field of love, and everyone who has ever existed in this physical realm, can be accessed at anytime – through the portal of your heart.

…..and just so you know,

when Jules isn’t around, and I’m feeling a bit pathetic, I call on Patrick to come lie with me to lull me off to sleep with his soothing Irish lilt.

It works a treat.

Merry Christmas everyone xxx