A Soul’s Journey – 53

“De Ja Vu……….”

…and so 2016 was drawing to a close.

Another big year for my spiritual journey.

The integration of The Divine Goddess and a healed heart, amongst other things.

But something wasn’t quite right, and it seemed history was indeed repeating itself.

In November of 2016 our third child Remy would be diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

He went to the school councillor after seeing an ad for men’s mental health on Facebook and realising he felt the same way, went to seek help.


And so we would roll up our sleeves, dig deep, gather our resources and take the necessary steps in ensuring everything was in place to allow Remy to make a full recovery.

Then December 14th came and Julius received his notice from the consulting company he was working for, two years to the day after he was given his notice from his previous employer.

Then there were the crazy, jealous rages.

Hang on.

Hasn’t this happened before?

The lease on our house was up on December 31st and the car would have to be taken off the road in April.

The only blessing was there wasn’t the arrival of a tall, dark and handsome man.

Thank god for small mercies!

But where too now?

What didn’t we learn the first time around that we had to learn again?

And so again, the wheel of change was turning.

How would we react this time?


“May you leap fearlessly into this New Year, with a heart full of hope

and eyes full of wonder and may all your wildest dreams come true”


TempleSoul xxx