“Please Allow Me To Introduce My…………”

Extremely talented and creative husband Jules.

I finished off the blog last year with my spiritual journey to date and will continue on my journey with all of you alongside me.

If you have read both streams you will know that we have relocated to Sydney from Singapore and we are finally finding our feet.

TempleSoul is slowly coming together and is going through a massive change itself.

A new website, logo and brand will be here in a few weeks with all my creative offerings under the one roof; Radio Bambini, Child Of The Week and TempleSoul.

Thank goodness for Andrew Killey of BrandA, the team at Blackbocks South Australia and to Fuel Sydney for their amazing efforts.

I am really proud of how it has all come together so engagingly, creatively and effortlessly and thank each and every one involved.

This stream of my blog is going to take on a slightly different feel this year and I hope you enjoy it.

Follow SoulSutra’s on Wednesday’s for everyday musings and up to date spiritual shenanigans and follow A Soul’s Journey on Monday’s for a compilation of all I have learned over the last few years.

In the next couple of months my first book,

TempleSoul – A Sacred Space Within,

will be available for purchase, and this years blog will follow the guidance of the book and help you to create your very own sacred space within, your very own TempleSoul.

As TempleSoul has developed over the past 18months it has all come together in such a beautiful, creative way and my handsome husband Jules has played a big part in helping me bring it all together.

A cornerstone of TempleSoul will be his beautiful poetry that flows seamlessly and effortlessly through his being – a channel of divine light pouring forth for you to enjoy.

I will start each month with one of his beautiful poems from my upcoming book and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I will then post guidance and tips and tricks weekly to help you flow more graciously with life.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @TempleSoulHealing so you don’t miss a thing.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you, thanks for coming along for the ride.



My TempleSoul – Your TempleSoul

Is the place inside

It’s where there’s no need to run

Where there’s no need to hide


It’s where Golden Light streams from deep in your heart,

It’s where calmness descends and self-love starts.


It’s where freedom and joy

Dance together as one

It’s where spirit and soul

Bathe in the sun


It’s where you love all around you

And speak as you should

It’s where you live in spirit

It’s your soul neighbourhood


Your TempleSoul – is where your true voice sings

So listen to that voice

And feel the joy that it brings.

Jules xxx