Aum to Zen

“Please Allow Me To Introduce Radio Bambini and Aum to Zen………..”

As I said before, my current website is being re-designed to accommodate all my creative offerings in the one place.

When I visited Yantara Jiro in Singapore many years ago, he said to offer all my creative projects up to source until I was ready to know what to do with them.

I did just that and know I now.

I adore kids, love them. Any age, any gender, they are just cute.

Radio Bambini is a website for kids I developed and launched in 2015.

Aum to Zen is a new offering for kids and is kind of a spiritual dictionary.

In it I introduce kids to all things spiritual and magical in my own creative and unique way.

Once a month I will be introducing a new letter, complete with illustration and gorgeous poetry written by Jules, to help your kids become enlightened little beings of love and light!!

The illustrations will be offered once a month, in their entirety on the website for your kids to download and colour in. I would LOVE to see their creations – either stories or coloured in pics for us to share with the TempleSoul community.

Please make sure to email me with your kids imaginative creations.

My gorgeous niece Camille, 9, has already written the most beautiful story on Mother Gaia and I can’t wait to share it with you all later this year.

So if you have any little ones, you can start familiarising yourself with Radio Bambini and all the gorgeous music, stories and learnings it has on offer, and as the year progresses we will be adding more and more little surprises to the website for the kids and their parents to enjoy.

Eventually we will be migrating all three Facebook pages under the one banner of TempleSoul.

So for now, please be sure to start following


on both Facebook and Instagram

where you will find Aum to Zen, Radio Bambini, Child of The Week (which I will introduce you to next week) and TempleSoul.

I’m beyond excited to open everyone’s hearts and minds to the real you. Endless, timeless and limitless.

Everyone is welcome at TempleSoul.

My TempleSoul, Your TempleSoul.