“Introducing Child Of The Week and a Word or Two on Virtues…….”

After an argument between our then 4 year old Jacob – and our five year old Jemima – over who was going to tell me about their day first over dinner, I decided on a system for our children, that I believed was fair and just and gave everyone an equal turn.

We called it “Child of The Week” and we have used this system in our house until this day.

In 2013 we had several other families at our house with their children, and when they saw how effective and useful it was they suggested I share the concept – so I did exactly that, and developed an App. (For more information head to

As time has moved on and I have discovered energy healing and the benefits of meditation and yoga, I have become even more passionate about children and how important teaching them early about their beauty within, is. So, as part of my monthly Child of The Week posts, I will be discussing Virtues. 

We teach children, maths, english, history and art. We teach them the importance of their physical health and nutrition – and while these are essential, I also believe teaching them about virtues and how they can be applied to all situations, at every stage of their life – is paramount.

Each month I will introduce a new virtue for you to share with your child, and if you don’t have children simply take on the learning yourself. Even as adults we can use the constant reminder to stay virtuous throughout our day.

Each month I will also be putting out a worksheet for you – and your child – to discuss and to play around with.

We have to build this up in children – we have to teach them about becoming their own TempleSoul. We have to teach them the importance of compassion, of acceptance and of peacefulness – and we have to teach them how to develop strategies to implement these virtues in their daily lives.

Being virtuous takes practice and commitment and sometimes a great deal of strength, however if children are constantly reminded it will become second nature.

And won’t that be good for them now, and for humanity in the future?