TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within – Healing

“Chapter 2, Healing…….”

“When I talk about healing, I am referring to energy healing.

The human body is made up of a multi-dimensional energy field,

or aura, created by what we call energy bodies. These energy

bodies are not only within the physical body but extend out

beyond it. They are made of energy, vibrating at different levels.

We have seven main chakras in our physical body, and many

more on the spiritual and etheric levels. The main chakras in our

physical bodies are our Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat,

Third Eye, and Crown chakras. Each chakra has its own energy

body, and these energy bodies make up your aura.

Often, we create blockages in our energy bodies through

repressed thoughts, emotions, and our beliefs. Energy healing

works on clearing these blockages, so energy can flow through

your chakras and into your physical body more effectively.



Energy healing is a beautiful, safe, and gentle process. It uses

natural energies, from higher dimensions, to assist in the healing

process. It not only heals on the physical level but on our

emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well. When I am

healing others, I act as a conduit for this energy, and it enters

through my crown chakra, into my heart, and flows out of my

hands. I merely assist the process, and you, under the guidance

of your higher self, are actually doing the work.


The results of frequent energy healings can be profound, and is

always for your highest and greatest good. Nothing will be

brought up that you cannot handle, or for which you are not

ready. It gets deep down inside you to heal things you have

buried or hidden away. It leaves nothing behind.

Healing is an important step in your spiritual development, as

clearing these negative and dense energies makes way for the

love and light to enter. The more of this beautiful light energy

we have in our bodies, whether physical or etheric, the more

our lives will flow with grace and ease.

After a healing, a few things can happen. You can feel a little

tired and emotional, which will pass, or you can feel reborn,

revitalized, and rejuvenated, full of energy and love.

Energy healing can improve so many things, and even those who

think they don’t need healing, will benefit. It can increase vigor,

absolve stress, raise energy levels, and can help clear the mind,

and balance the emotions.


Healing is for those who would like to bring balance and

harmony to their lives. It can help those who feel stuck and


stagnant, by working through barriers and blockages, and once

they are removed, your zest for life will be restored.

It gently peels away the dense and negative layers, revealing a

little bit more of the light, bright, sparkly side of you—the real

you—the one effortlessly connected to source, who has

boundless energy and uninterrupted creative flow.”


An exert from my first tome,

TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within

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