A Soul’s Journey – 60

I don’t make my choices following other people’s views.
I don’t make my choices following society’s views.
I don’t make my choices following vows and traditions.

I make my choices following my heart.

Well, now I do anyway.

It’s taken me a while to understand this concept – but now that I have made the bold move of stepping out independently – I don’t think I could ever go back.

I am following my heart and not regretting a minute of my decision.

Well, it’s early days and things may change – we’re always in a state of flux or flow.

It feels right. Now.

Sometimes it’s easier to stick with what we know – with what feels comfortable, with what we have vowed to do.

I probably could have just put up with the discomfort but I knew I wanted a different experience, something new.

We ignore the calling of our soul because usually, it’s urging us to step out of our comfort zone – after all, this brings the most amount of growth – and if that’s what your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime, then that is what your soul will experience in this lifetime.

I was trusting my intuition implicitly.

I knew deep, deep down that this move was necessary.

Not only for my growth but Jule’s also.

We had come to the end of the line – it was time to change the energy – to bring in new experiences – ones that could further us along our path – help us in expanding our conscious awareness – further us on our spiritual journey.

Don’t get me wrong it was terrifying and it was not a decision I took lightly – and nor should it be.

There’s a great deal more than two people at play here – there are also four beautiful children – mothers and fathers, friends and families.

And I made the decision, quietly and privately, over a few years, with the help of counselors, psychologists, healers and by going within.

I wanted this decision to be made from the heart, not from the circumstances that were going on around us – Separation, the death of three friends in three months, financial failure, health problems of two of our closest friends, three job losses in three years and closing a business I so loved and cherished – Not to mention another international move and settling the kids into a new city and new school, for the third time in two years!

What Jules and I have, was and remains very special but some things had become stale – ways of being and interacting that were habitual, outdated – and so, so many tower moments.

The energy had become stagnant, and I felt compelled to change it.