A Soul’s Journey – 62

I arrived in Melbourne on Monday and received the text on Tuesday.

Trina said she had a cancelation and no one on the waitlist could fill the spot.

Thanks, Universe!

It seems the spot belonged to me.

Trina is a Medical Medium and I have only seen her in person twice.

The first time I saw her was in January of 2013 at the recommendation of a friend.
In Byron Bay two months later, I had a spiritual awakening – it changed my entire life.

The second time was in October of 2018.

I decided to move to Melbourne on my own that same year.

I know that when I see her, major changes take place and I only ever see her when I am ready for these to occur.

I go to different healers for different reasons.

I knew this shift would be big though, so I held my breath, listened to my intuition, plucked up the courage and waltzed on in.

I love the way she works and the changes and deep transformation her healing brings and this was no exception.

She gives guidance after the healing and I always tape it and transcribe it in my journal later so I don’t miss anything – but the thing that stood out for me was the following…

She told me that over the next year I would need to keep my centre. Meditate and heal daily and bring more of my self, my spirit down into my physical being.

It was the ‘keep your centre’ – that stood out the most.

From this place, you remain more grounded, become the observer, allow the chaos to rage around you, but remain mostly detached – knowing it is happening for you.

Of course, I had very human moments and extremely emotional moments. Moments of doubt and confusion of fear and sadness.

It is all part of the process.

It is so important to feel emotions, to honor what comes up, so then it can be healed.

Deciding to end something that on the whole was a beautiful experience is a big thing but I know it was the right thing.

There is something else waiting to be birthed and it couldn’t be birthed in that energetic vibration – well that’s what my intuition was telling me anyway!