A Soul’s Journey – 65

People will come along to frighten you.

They are your teachers – just there to help you reaffirm your decision – to remind you to find your centre and stand in your power.

I admit that when I made the decision I was terrified. I was walking down Glenferrie Road and the fear was very real.

It was visceral, the feeling, almost overwhelming.

What would it mean for the family?
What would it mean for Jules?
What would it mean for me?

I had to be strong – stand by my decision.

I had to honor the fear, walk with it until it had passed.

In my early days of studying Energy Healing with The Ashati Institute, if I was in a panic, I use to contact my beautiful teacher Jerome Baudel for guidance.

He would always remind me to self-heal.

“Keep the healing up, especially in challenging times”, he would say, “it moves the negative energy through more quickly”.

It was the best advice as it made such a difference to how I navigated my way through the fear, through the pain, through the sadness.

When you heal, you peel away the layers, like an onion.

You peel away the layers of negativity and eventually, you will come out the other side – stronger and more resilient.

Braver than you ever thought possible.

And eventually, you will come to the realization every experience is a good one, no matter how hard it feels.


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