A Soul’s Journey – 66

“Am I going to live 90 years, or am I going to live 1 year, 90 times, over and over again?”
Wayne Dyer

I’ve talked a lot about my need for freedom and independence.

I am choosing not to go along with the structure and rigidity anymore but instead go with the flow and allow things to unfold naturally as the universe intended.

I’m learning to get out of my way – stop trying to shape things and let life flow through me more.

Trying to control things causes blocks – stops us from getting where we need to go.

I am in control.

I can shape this break-up any way I chose.

I can choose to make it nasty and aggressive or I can choose to make it loving and gentle and of course, I will choose the latter.

It is possible to keep the family together – it will just look a little different now.

For Jules and I, our family remains our priority and always will. Our kids come first.

It’s all about how you view life, it’s all perception.

We will always be a tight-knit family, no matter what that looks like.

I am confident about that.

For me, it is about having a different experience.

How will I know what else is out there if I keep doing the same thing?