A Soul’s Journey – 67

The more healing work you do, the closer your authentic truth is uncovered, or your light, if you prefer this term and the more your intuition is revealed.

I’ve also talked about The Untethered Soul and how Michael Singer says to ‘drop back’ all the time.

I didn’t quite understand this at first, but the more healing I do the more clarity I have.

For me dropping back means to release the ego, the mind, and trust spirit more, your heart.

I think one of the major things we have misinterpreted is that we are physical beings. Full stop.

We are not.

We are spiritual beings – eternal and everlasting, having a physical experience.

And by spiritual, I mean energetic beings.

I feel many of us live from the wrong perspective.

We all have to drop back – not fear death, not fear to live because this human experience is fleeting and one of many and when we are finished having this experience, we go back home.

Home to the flow.

Home to the eternal love.

This experience is not our reality – it’s just that – an experience, here for our souls’ growth and ascension.

Some of us choose to go through life with eyes closed and that is perfectly fine and some of us our high initiates, aware of the journey and our souls’ growth and live life from an entirely different perspective.

They are the calm ones, the unflustered ones – the ones willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zones, do the healing work required because they know, it’s all ok.