A Soul’s Journey – 68

There is a process taking place at the moment on this earthly plane.

It’s a process of ascension that allows a higher vibrational frequency to enter our physical beings here on earth.

It’s about vibrating at the frequency of the fifth dimension but remaining in the third.

Creating heaven on earth.

Our universe is made up of different vibrational frequencies. It’s divided into 4 realms and 12 dimensions. We, as physical beings are experiencing the third dimension.

Some of us are here to make this transition and to prepare the body for the higher vibrational frequency, things have to be released, the negative, the old, the outdated, anything that is going to prevent this transition from occurring.

The process must be trusted, the intuition listened to, not ignored.

A higher frequency cannot come about if we are vibrating at a lower one and lower ones are caused by all the nasties – jealousy, anger, rage, hate, you get the picture.

Raising your vibration, will, in turn, raise the vibration of the planet as we are all one connected energy – everything we do affects another, has an impact on the overall frequency of the entire planet and its human population.

It’s a process of purification, a process that clears negativity out of the individual’s energy field and even if those changes cause discomfort I want you to realize that through this process your soul is growing.

Discomfort is a good thing – feeling it and experiencing it even better because as humans we tend to repress uncomfortable feelings and that affects our energy.