A Soul’s Journey – 69

“Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up……”

So why am I telling you all this?

Because I want you to become aware of the fact that you are an energetic being and when you are feeling unwell, or things aren’t going right – it is in your hands to change it.

If I kept on going the way things were – nothing in my life would have changed.

(and that’s fine if you’re happy with your life – don’t change it!)

But I wanted to change, so I had to take action, to change the vibration.

If we want something then we have to change our vibrational frequency to match what we want and to change that vibration, we may have to make drastic changes to our environment.

Have you ever been to a place and the vibe just doesn’t feel right??

Well, chances are you are trusting your intuition and the vibe isn’t right.

Some people are ‘awake’, some go through life ‘asleep’ and there are those who are ‘waking up’.

This simply means becoming aware of the fact that you are so much more than you think you are.

It would be my greatest wish if you all woke up to this simple fact.

If you become aware of your journey as a spiritual being, the road becomes a hell of a lot easier to navigate.

You realize things are happening for you, not to you.

That everyone you cross paths with is there to teach you something about yourself.

There is no good or bad, just perceptions of.

This physical reality is only part of the picture.

We are love – purely and simply.

When we die, we pass back into the light – we return home.

And you learn to become a conscious creator of your life, opening to the divine energies to help push you along.

It’s time to wake up people – wake up to the reality of who you are, and realize your enormous potential.