A Soul’s Journey 70

I journal everything and have done it since 2013.

I have volumes of black books full of writing and painting and they are so incredibly enlightening.

When I write I remember things and it puts things in perspective and I can follow my journey and see how things evolve, or rather how things manifest into my physical reality.

You are co-creator of your universe, energetically tied to source energy and everyone and everything in this entire universe.

I am going through a massive transformation in my life and it has certainly had its ups and downs but being aware all of this is happening as it should and for a reason allows me to stay a little more grounded and centered – a little less flustered.

Life doesn’t happen by chance, there are beautiful synchronicities and nothing, absolutely nothing happens by accident.

I met a lovely man in Sydney when I was living there, Jason Snaddon is his name, I met him once.

He is The Abundance Activator.

He held a workshop in Crows Nest and I was fortunate enough to attend.

I knew he was special – from somewhere else.

I have come across a great many light-workers, ascended beings and you can tell by their eyes, they are different.

After the session, we had a chat and he had just moved to Melbourne.

When I arrived in Melbourne I let him know I was here, hopeful our paths would cross again one day soon.

And lo and behold they did!