A Soul’s Journey 72

As we were all gathering in the room I was beyond excited to see a familiar face.

We had shared the dance floor together for 7 weeks as we took part in a kundalini dance workshop in Fitzroy.

(I’ll chat about that awesome experience later!)

It was nice to see a familiar face.

She and Jason were the only ones I knew out of a room of some forty people.

It was quite simply one of the most extraordinary workshops I had ever attended.

We worked through each energy centre, each chakra starting at the root and after the heart, we had a break.

I turned to the girls next to me and they asked how I was feeling.

I said, “Faint, a bit weird and my throat is completely closing over and my ears are burning”.

In the next session, we started with the throat chakra.

And it was time to buckle up – Rachael was in da house!!

Was everyone ready for a touch of the dramatics??

I don’t plan these things, I can assure you – but I have learned to surrender to them fully, as they are a form of release.

We all have karmic cycles, things we go through, things we have chosen to experience this time around and this cycle was a BIG one and it was coming to a climactic end.

That’s why I want you to become aware, so you can go easy on yourself, see it for what it is.

I’d been getting guidance for some months that I was about to end a karmic cycle and was wondering what that could be.

Well, yes, there was one significant cycle coming to an end in my life, was that it??