A Soul’s Journey 73

When Michael started on the second session the tears flowed immediately – and they didn’t stop for a long time.

I was hysterical, sobbing.

But I was safe, the safest I had ever felt surrounded by a room full of strangers but so very at home with every one of these beings.

The Universe had supplied me with a room full of angels all there to support me through this enormous karmic ending.

Now it wasn’t just ending that day, it has been in the process of ending for some time now but I felt as though this was the full stop.

As the tears flowed, the facilitator Michael was acutely aware and he continued doing his thing but kept a very close eye on me, asking if I was alright.

At one stage he came up to me and said did I want someone to sit with their back against mine.
I asked Jason.

I was immediately soothed, calmed.

I had never sat with someone like that before – back to back, heart to heart.

It was powerful.

Jason has the most angelic aura – he’s an earth angel, one of my earthly guides and a beautiful man, very in tune.

He also gave me a green crystal to hold.

Michael had also placed two beautiful rose quartz crystals in my hands that I had brought with me and a  sphere of Mangano calcite my gorgeous daughter had given me a few weeks before, he placed that in my lap.

I calmed for a moment and then Michael asked if anyone wanted to share what they were going through.

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