A Soul’s Journey 74

I took a deep breath and spoke.

I had my eyes closed tightly shut as the tears kept flowing, I was rocking and rubbing my third eye, hiding my face from everyone.

I knew I had to express how I was feeling – speak my truth and it was hard.

I said I was feeling deep humiliation. (I was feeling it too)

I said I felt that I had to hide, that it wasn’t safe for me to be seen.

I said I felt my voice wasn’t worth hearing.

I said I felt “they’ had stolen my truth.

The bottom line was I felt unworthy of being seen and heard.

It’s funny what comes up from the depths of our subconscious – this is the beauty of healing.

Things we bury deep and ignore come up and out to be healed – so the vibration is free to sing again.

This was a HUGE moment and this was the karmic cycle I had spent my entire life working through and was finally ready to end.

Michael came over to me and knelt gently in front of me, he took my hand and held it tightly.

I felt the support of every individual in that room – every angel, as though they had been divinely selected, the right people to help me at the right time.

It was like I was in a room full of old friends, it was as though I needed the support of that many people, of every one of them to help me through this monumental event.

I have experienced these dramatic releases before – I knew it was all for my highest and greatest good, that it was safe for me in this space.

So, back to Michael.

He held my hand gently, and I can’t remember exactly what he said but I do remember him saying this…..

I had lived this karmic cycle 4 times before and this was the final time.

This was the end of this particular lesson.

It was time for me to be seen and heard – it was safe for me to be seen and heard in this lifetime.

He is a remarkable man, a gentle, soothing soul – funny too.

To lighten a very heavy moment he said casually,

“$65 bucks to clear all that! That’s not too bad!”