A Soul’s Journey 75

We took a break.

The tears were still flowing.

Beautiful Jason came and sat with me, he looked at me and quietly said,

“That’s why you came. You came to be seen and heard. It’s time”

Then he too started speaking in light language.

He is incredible.

It was like a familiar voice, one I recognized instantly.
I felt understood, and so incredibly supported and so at home.

Another beautiful lady came up and just put her hand on my heart.

“That was a big release,” she said, “I hope you don’t mind but I just need to put my hand on your heart.”

Another gorgeous soul came up and said thank you.

She said she felt I had to undergo that release not only for me but for everyone in the room and she was grateful to me for having the courage to show that vulnerability in a room full of ‘strangers’.

Something changed within me during that session aside from the obvious.

I had become more aware of the ever-present divine.

It is true, the universe does not let you down – it provides exactly what you need at exactly the right time, and I’m trying to articulate as best I can how I felt during that experience – but it was a unique moment.

It was though I was being initiated – connected with my soul tribe here on earth, even just for three hours.

The lightworkers, people who understood and accepted the higher order.

The Universe sent a room full of angels to help me process this energy – to help me transform the negative into the positive – to once again support me and remind me that I am the alchemist, and so too are you.