A Soul’s Journey 76

So I met Jules at the dog park at the end of our street after I had a sneaky double cheeseburger from Macca’s in Richmond – energy work can be hungry work!

We had had a bad week, and what was revealed, a necessary step for both of us, every situation pushing us closer to where we are meant to be.

After all that throat-clearing I had certainly found my voice, and I let it fly – with everything I hadn’t said for years.

It wasn’t until sometime later, I realized that the two things I had said to him, was that I felt I hadn’t been ‘seen’ by him in years and that I hadn’t been ‘heard’ by him in years.

While I was at the session and Michael was guiding me through, I kept thinking this was all related to past life experiences but as I was reflecting I realized I had been experiencing this phenomenon all my life.

Wake up, wake up, wake up!!

This is how life works.

We experience everything in the now.

We have to experience what we are here to transmute, here to end or learn from.

We are sent challenging moments to push us into change.

Things become so uncomfortable that one has no option but to change, to address this feeling because when we do, that is the time deep transformation occurs and that is what we are here for.

We are not solely here to find a life partner, get married, have kids and get a mortgage, there is so much more to the journey than that.

We are here to learn and grow.

To expand our conscious awareness so that we can become closer in vibration to our creator.

To expand our conscious awareness so that we can become closer to the vibration of love.

So we can finally see ourselves for who we are.

Magical, beautiful beings of love and light, eternal and immortal.

I bow to the Divine in you.