A Soul’s Journey 77

So as I have quoted before,

” No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher.”

Florence Skoval Shin

When you become aware of this you see people in a different light.

No one is there to hurt you in any way, shape or form but merely here as an actor in your play.

Here to help you grow and learn.

So for me, this is the way I try to look at all the people in my life – especially the ones I have fractious relationships with.

Sometimes I slip back into operating from my human self and the ego takes over and I get overwhelmed emotionally, and this is when I am thrown off-center.

This is where the arguing and fighting take over, the emotion rushes to the surface and you operate from the perspective of that emotion.

When I reflect on that workshop and the karmic cycle I can see how all the important relationships in my life reflect that massive pattern to me and have been all my life.

Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!!

Become aware, see life and its experiences for what they truly are.

This pattern has played out in my immediate family, in my relationship with Jules, certainly not all the time, but some of it, it has played out in my school environment, and with certain friends.

People have been making me feel like I have to silence my voice – so I could feel it and people have been sent to me to help me recognize what it feels like to be seen and heard – so I am aware of the difference – how that feels.

Try and become aware of your own patterns – the things that keep showing up in your life for they are here to teach you.

What pushes your buttons?

Who pushes your buttons?

What is it they are reflecting back to you?

When we learn to experience the situation/pattern/belief system fully, it allows us to transform and this is the souls’ growth.

The karmic cycle has ended – which means if I do come back again, I will not have to experience that particular scenario again.


Special thanks to everyone who attended the Melbourne Light Language Activation and helped me release and heal this monster.

To Michael Muir for being the world’s most compassionate facilitator and to Jason Snaddon for being a beautiful guide.

I feel very loved and supported.