A Soul’s Journey 80

“Coronavirus – Time For A Re-set?……”

I have been asked by a number of people recently what I think about the Coronavirus from an energetic point of view.

And that’s all this is – my point of view.

It’s an incredibly intense and interesting time and I have been giving it a lot of thought and taking my time to reflect on the situation.

One of the things I learned during my time studying Energy Healing was the importance of observing.

Taking yourself out of the situation and looking at the bigger picture.

An article was brought to my attention recently by a dear friend and fellow Energy Healer,  and it really grabbed my attention.

The Zeta Message

Just as we have 7 main chakras or energy centres in our physical body, so too does the earth.

In short, a massive energy activation took place on January 12th this year at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

This activation took place at Kata Tjuta and Uluru in Central Australia, the site of the Earth’s Solar Plexus chakra.

Aboriginal Lore tells of a ritual back in the Dreamtime that was interrupted and never completed.

This ritual was meant to open the way from the 4th – 5th world consciousness. (more on the later)

The article also talks of the Earth’s Solar Plexus chakra being the primary chakra for the maintenance of global health and vitality and overall health of the planet.

If things aren’t right here than the whole planet suffers.

It also talks about an influx of energy that will ‘blast’ through the ley lines (or songlines)  of the Earth connecting all the Earth’s chakras. From Central Australia, through Bali to Glastonbury and on to Lake Titicaca before it makes its way back to Central Australia.

Whether the two events are connected I don’t know, but I do know this.

As an individual, on an energetic level, when you have an influx of energy or divine light it is imperative, especially after an activation that you integrate and ground the energy into your physical body, so you get the benefits from it in the physical realm.

Heaven on earth – bringing the unseen into the seen.

Whenever I receive an energy activation from my teacher Jerome Baudel, I have to self heal for a period of twenty-one days.

This is so I can integrate and stabilize the energy within my physical body.

After I have integrated the energies into my physical body I can use that energy. It may come in the form of spiritual knowledge, psychic awareness, more acute intuition or knowing, health, wellness, and vitality or healing abilities.

Also after particularly big meditations/healings where I am consciously shifting energies, it is also important to have some quiet time for a period following. I take long walks in nature or swims in the ocean to ground the new energetic vibration into my physical being.

Before any of my SoulJourns, I not only do a cleanse before to prepare my body but I also detoxify my body during the process and for a period after until I can sense the energies have stabilized.

That process means no alcohol, no caffeine, no meat, and no dairy, and plenty of rest, quiet time, meditation and self-healing.

It just helps if your vessel is as clean and clear as possible, so you can receive as much of the energetic download as you can.

So why am I telling you this and what has it to do with the Coronavirus????

If the Earth is indeed integrating this new influx of light and energy, she needs rest, quiet and co-operation, both before, during and after.

The Great Mother needs stillness, and I guess she will enforce that in any way she sees fit.

This is a global pandemic – forcing people indoors and into self-isolation – it has shut down entire cities and countries, forced things to become quiet – we have no choice but to obey the rules to possibly re-set this overheated, frenetic energetic vibration.

And if it has nothing at all to do with this activation, it is offering all of humanity a time to re-set.

This is no accident.

This is a beautiful and valuable lesson for humanity.