A Soul’s Journey 82

“Coronavirus ……….A Rebalance?”

I sat in Rocket Park for hours last week, writing my thoughts on the Coronavirus, but I wasn’t happy – it just didn’t seem right.

So much has come to light and there are many opinions and many beautiful musings and it is so lovely to read all the beautiful, positive posts.

Yes, it’s lovely to watch the birds and the fish come back; it’s lovely to reconnect with family; it’s wonderful to savor the silence and the drop in frenetic energy we all emit on a daily basis. It’s nice to be peaceful, to be quiet, to have a second to gather our thoughts and remember what’s important to us and the planet as a whole.

But during last nights press conference by the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, I was shocked and horrified and all of a sudden saw something else come to light.

The whole of humanity is going through a tower moment, the likes of which we haven’t seen for years. For those of you who are regular readers of my blogs, A Soul’s Journey and SoulSutra’s – you will know of my own tower moment or moments, should I say and the importance of these moments, as uncomfortable as they are.

You will also know that I am in the middle of an awakening and as such have been working to raise my kundalini energy.

“The kundalini is the vehicle which makes it possible to attain the self.

She is symbolized in the Islamic tradition by the mare with a woman’s face, Al Buraq, which carried the prophet to the throne of Allah. The Archangel Gabriel, who accompanied the prophet, says of Al Buraq:

“I have no way other than Her to go to Him. I have no sign of Him other than Her”

Jnaneshwar used a similar image, calling the power which reveals the Spirit Shiva’s vessel:

“She is the Mother of the Worlds, the glory of the empire of the soul, who gives shelter to the tender sprouts of the seed of the universal. She is the lingam of the formless Absolute. The vessel of Shiva, the supreme Self”.

When the kundalini (The Mother Goddess) awakens, she lifts the Spirit (Shiva, the reflection of God the Father in the heart) until they are united in the limbic region of the brain (called in the Indian Spiritual tradition, Sahasrara).

This is just above the region known to physicians as the thalamus, a Greek word meaning Bridal-Chamber. Thus, yoga is the point of union between the human spirit and the Divine. But, it is also the primordial Divine Union, which existed before the separation of the male principle (God the Father, the Spirit) and the female (Adi Shakti, kundalini).

It is the Union between the Bridegroom and the Bride described in the Song of Songs, the Hieros Gamos of the neo-platonists. The cup of Hygeia and the serpent of Asclepios, Epidaura, which represents the pharmacist’s art, symbolise the ascent of the kundalini, and her union with the Spirit.

“In the Sahasrara, the Divine Power is united with Lord Shiva: This is true liberation. By this, we know the bliss”

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So what was it PM Scott Morrison said?