A Soul’s Journey 83

“Coronavirus……The Importance Of Balance”

In explaining updated precautions during the Corona outbreak, the Prime Minister pledged

  • “$150 million to support domestic violence. That includes the work of 1800 Respect and MensLine, as we’re very aware of the greater stresses that are going on Australian families and households and that for most, we hope, home where people will be for a lot of time this year. It’ll be a safe place, but for many we know it’s not and we need to work to counter that threat to those individuals as well. And $74 million dollars to support mental health and we’re all going to need that help in the months ahead and that’s to support organisations like Lifeline and Kids Help Line and many others:”
  • “That provides, importantly, for those who may be getting daily exercise, particularly for women, that they wouldn’t be required to walk on their own and they’d be able to walk with another person”


Now, I have nothing but the utmost respect for our Prime Minister and the amazing job he and the Australian Government are doing to protect its citizens – I am merely taking two statements and looking at them from a much broader spiritual perspective.

I hope I don’t lose you.

In order for us to attain the self, we must have an equal balance within us of feminine and masculine energies, whether we are male or female.

The kundalini will not rise unless we have equilibrium inside – for love, the energy we all emanate from is both a mix of God and Goddess energy  – both masculine and feminine.

“Many traditions attach great importance to the feminine dimension of the Divine. It is She who is said to give liberation, spiritual rebirth, that is to say Union with the Self. The most significant example is the knowledge of the Kundalini in India.

We may wonder why the Western religions have attributed an exclusively masculine, patriarchal character to the Divine. Several thousand years ago, was not the only form of Divinity, the object of veneration, feminine and maternal?

What is responsible for this neglect, this confiscation? Has the original message of these religions been distorted to the point that we are today unaware of the Mother-Goddess?

And could the Age of Aquarius, which is said to mark a change of consciousness on a spiritual level, perhaps be the moment where humanity is able to re-discover this awareness of the Universal Mother?”

The Search For The Divine Mother by Gwenaël Verez

There must be a balance of divine masculine energy and divine feminine energy for there to be harmony.

And if there is harmony within you, then you will find there will be harmony in your outer world too.

Any form of disharmony will be brought to your attention for healing, so you can restore balance and peace within.

In 2020 I should not be listening to the Prime Minister telling us that he has to pledge millions of dollars in anticipation of there being domestic violence because of a stressful situation. It is wonderful that the Government is throwing money at this during this very challenging time to protect women and children but it is also a very disturbing society that this kind of behavior would rear its ugly head. The protection of women and children is paramount but there is much, much more at play here.

As I said before, the entire planet is going through a tower moment and what is being brought to light for us to see, for us to be able to recognize so we can change and heal?

I, as a woman, should be able to feel safe going for a walk at any time day or night.

The fact that I and millions of other women don’t – is not ok and I feel a deep rage inside me that I am not allowed this privilege.

And it is not okay for men to take their frustrations out on women and children just because they feel stressed.

It is never okay.

The treatment of women by men in this society needs to change and it needs to change now.

I challenge the Prime Minister to not merely throw money at mental health services and child protection services but throw money at the education system to really make the changes necessary to make a real difference to society.

If we address the problem in children from a young age, in a generation we hopefully won’t be needing these services and women and children will feel safe.

We need to implement education at the school level to make the desired changes by the time children become adults.

We have to teach children coping mechanisms in times of stress.

It has to become part of our structure, part of our nature, part of the education system.

It is actually time to remember who and what we are as energetic beings and this needs to be brought back in every classroom across Australia from kindergarten onwards.

I want you, Prime Minister to make this happen so we can see real change in the world.

If there is one thing we can learn from Coronavirus it is that the world is out of balance, so out of balance and we are being given the opportunity to change it.

Let’s not let this opportunity pass us by.