A Soul’s Journey 84

“The Game Of Life And How To Play It………”

What we need to do in our inner world reflects in our outer world.

There’s no coincidence that I have seen the CoronaVirus as a need to have gender equality in the world, as it is clearly what I seek in my own inner world.

A balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies within.

I’ve talked about my kundalini and the tower moments that have occurred in my life, but I have only just realized the enormity of what is going on recently.

I feel that is was at my recent SoulJourn in Byron Bay that I had this realization.

It was on this painting retreat that I painted my first self-portrait.

My ‘self’.

By the end of the ten days, I really loved my portrait, my ‘self’ and through my eyes, I could see the growth and transformation of my soul.

I could see a new me – one incredibly connected to the divine – to self –


more expansive,

more knowing,

more peaceful.

Ever since I had my spiritual awakening in 2013, I have been intrigued by my kundalini.

I painted it after meditations, researched it diligently, even activated it through my Energy Healing course.

Of course, this was my intuition speaking to me, lighting the way, giving me clues as to what I was to experience, if I chose to, on my unique journey.

In fact, when I felt my life force, had that magnificent heart-opening and experienced a profound sense of peace during the Hoffman Process – it was actually so much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

Then one month later, X popped in to activate my Kundalini Awakening Process.

Now I knew his coming into my life was no accident – and I am so pleased I have finally made the connection.

And with that connection and realization comes a profound sense of peace and I can finally make sense of all those tower moments and everything that has happened on my journey since 2013.

This is what the journey is about – discovering, healing, growing, transforming.

I just took a while to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Life is a game.

A game in which we learn and grow, discover belief systems and behavioral patterns – a game that can lead to profound transformations, where you are The Alchemist – capable of turning lead into gold, the negative to the positive, the low vibration to the high.

It’s quite an addictive game because we choose to have this human experience over and over again.

Becoming aware of this game – is the first step.

Playing the game, the second.