A Soul’s Journey 85

“When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears……”

For a long time, I have been asking the Universe for a teacher – to help me make sense of all the dramatic changes taking place in my life.

And for a long time – no teacher appeared.

It seems I was to be my own teacher – play my own game for a while.

So, as I painted my Soul Portrait, I also went within.

I took the chance to really do some inner work, through meditation, massage, kundalini dancing and creative expression, but it was some weeks later, I made sense of the puzzle.

I was indeed playing the game – and a pretty big game at that.

A game of profound transformation – quite literally changing the structure of my DNA – the very nature of my energy body.

And I can tell you, doing energetic work of that nature is bloody hard work!

There’s a lot of sacrifices, a great deal of change, and one has to have the most unwavering sense of faith and trust in the process because we are not given the answers, we have to search for them because that’s where the growth occurs.

If I was given a treasure map and also the answer to where the treasure was – that would be no fun – there would be no point in that – no learning, no growth, no adventure, no excitement.

No, life wants you to find your own answers, your own pieces of the puzzle so that you can grow, learn, and transform.

So eventually you may experience wholeness and completion.

If not in this lifetime, the next.

It’s not a race, just a game.

Maybe each lifetime we find just one piece of the puzzle.

Mine might be a 5000 piece puzzle – yours 100 – who knows, we’re all unique.

And we all have our own puzzle to complete, our own game to play and the only rule is – that you do it all with the highest energetic vibration –  love.

Yep, I hear you – that is not always easy, but it is imperative.

To play the game, you must be aware and you must do it with love.

Love and respect for the higher power guiding you and love and respect for yourself for putting your hand up and being brave enough to play the game.

So it seems my game, in this lifetime, is multi-faceted.

To experience my life force so I could become aware.

To become aware so I could start actively playing the game.

To actively start playing the game because then I would know what level I was at.

Because once I knew what level I was at, then I would be ready, and my new teacher would appear.