A Soul’s Journey – 87

“Preparation & Purification……”

I had to wait for four weeks.

Four weeks!!!!

I was busting, but the Universe was giving me another opportunity to practice patience.

The fifteen-minute chat seemed like one!

I had so much to say about the last 7 years and I didn’t want to leave out anything.

Once I stopped, I gratefully received the guidance as confirmation that a Kundalini awakening was indeed the process I was going through.

“So, you definitely have active kundalini, no question about it – it’s quite active in your lower chakras and then is filtering up through the upper chakras”

Oh my God! I love this journey!!!

‘In terms of direction, it does have an ascending process but will also move around”

“What happens when you have a radical awakening, is you start purifying – once you have the ignition and it’s activated you immediately go into purification process which you have been doing since 2013 and it’s a very busy time”

That it is!

That would explain all the tower moments I was experiencing.

Things change and move around, fall away and reorganize themselves to get you into alignment, because suddenly you are operating at a higher level of consciousness.

Soul contracts can abruptly end – as they did – friends will no longer be your friends, new friends will appear.

Everywhere you are out of alignment with your “Self”, things that are unfinished and everything that needs to come onto alignment for the rest of the journey all starts to happen.

So when there’s enough preparation and purification (I think I’ve had more than enough now!!!!)  the kundalini can rise through the system – and complete through certain subtle channels and support an expansion of consciousness – there’s no going back from that.

“You’re like pumping out the Shakti”

So what Myree does is support those in need through the transition. She’s able to stabilize things if they need it and see what’s going on with the kundalini process offering any tweaks and guidance throughout.

Straight after the 15minutes were up, I booked my first one-hour session.