A Soul’s Journey – 89


So over the course of the next six months, I will work with Myree, and I imagine with each session I will be brought into further alignment with my truth – releasing what no longer serves me and integrating what I need for this part of the journey.

And I will be making a safe passage for the kundalini to rise in its own time – according to divine timing.

A few days after the session I went for a walk with a dear friend also awakened to spirit and well and truly on her own beautiful path of awakening.

We chatted about Ashati – the energy healing course we are both doing.

I started in January of 2016 and did the first two modules in record time!

Then I had a break – quite a substantial break – years in fact.

Obviously to fully integrate the energies and make the necessary changes in my life to get me more into alignment with ‘self’.

The next part of the course is all about ascension – the raising of the frequency of the energy body so that it is more in alignment with spirit – and the truth of our being.

Oh, it’s quite the process, but I feel really ready for this next step and feel combining my energy healing practice with the kundalini coaching will be extremely beneficial.

So I reached out to my teachers at Ashati and I’m so glad I did.

I had completely forgotten how much I loved this course and how very grateful I am to have come across it.

Jerome and Francois could not have been more supportive and I could not have been more excited.

It’s also fabulous to have a buddy at the same stage as I am. When we go for our walks (social distancing in place of course) we can really chat and we understand each other and the process we are both going through.

It was she who said, “You need to do ascension 2 and 3” and as I’ve said before, I take this as guidance I must follow.

The time is right.

So the following day I booked my activation and had access to the workbook and online tutorials.