A Soul’s Journey – Week 1

“The Broken Record…………”

It was a recurring nightmare.

One that had been happening on a regular basis for the past three years.

We had been enjoying a beautiful Christmas party with wonderful friends down at Sentosa when the familiar started unfolding.

I could tell with just one glance what was about to come.

It happened when we were in a social situation, always involved alcohol and was triggered when other men were around.

This time, when he said he was going home – I simply let him go.

I was having a great time, dancing up a storm with friends and there was no way another outburst of jealousy was going to ruin my night.

When I arrived home hours later, he was about to say something.

I stopped him as I knew it would end in a massive heated argument and quite frankly I was exhausted and unable to hear it again for the hundredth time.

It had become so boring.

So dull.

So repetitive.

When was it ever going to stop?

These jealous rages were about to ruin a beautiful, soulful, magical union that spanned almost 30 years.

I am TempleSoul,

and this is my healing journey.