A Soul’s Journey – Week 10

“The Process………”

To say it was an intense ten days is an understatement.

I was pushed so far out of my comfort zone I was in another stratosphere!

At times, when they would tell us what we were about to do, I would look to the nearest exit and think to myself if I run out now, how far would I get before someone would catch me. At times it felt that bad and definitely made me that uneasy.

But like everything, it had its up side.

In fact, in hindsight, it was brilliant. Hard, but brilliant.

As I sat there on that first day amidst a group of almost 30 strangers as they told their harrowing stories of why they were there, I wept solidly for each and every one of them. Their stories, on the whole, were hard to hear and I imagine almost impossible to live through.

We were all there to heal.

And heal we would. Certainly not our entire being but a good part of it.

It was the most amazing, cleansing, uplifting experience I have had and along with the healing I have made some beautiful life long friends.

I had practiced yoga on and off for years, had astral travelled and seen deities. I had seen and felt energy pouring into my heart centre. I always thought these experiences were other worldly but to me they didn’t seem that unusual.

However, it was the first time I had truly meditated.

Each day, we meditated and on some occasions drew what we experienced.

The very first meditation went for a couple of hours, or definitely felt like that. It blew my mind. On one occasion I felt my life force, another a heart opening, every experience was profound and beautiful. What had  I stumbled across?

…and there it was.

It was a simple as that.

Going within, opening your heart and feeling the love.

“Radiant energy, Quiet and Still, A heart full of love, I can and I will”