A Soul’s Journey – Week 11

“The times they are a changing’…..”

Well not quite, but certainly I was changed.


We were at the start of our healing journey with Mima and I was at the start of my personal healing journey.

Unbeknownst to me I had started the long journey home.

Back to my truth, back to my heart.

I felt completely different. Gone, were the currents of anxiety, replaced by a new sense of calm. A wiseness and a knowing I hadn’t had before, or at least had long forgotten.

Accepting now of what was happening and able to approach it from a completely different perspective, I rolled up my sleeves and stopped blaming and starting healing, (although I didn’t know it at the time).

It was still challenging and at times desperate.

Holding her shaking body in my arms, night after night, day after day, just honouring her grief, trying to fill her with the memory she WAS strong, she COULD beat this. Yes, it wasn’t going to be easy but when she was on the other side she was going to know the meaning of strength. I knew she was strong because she came from strong stock. A line of divine feminine beings who were nothing but strong.

My Irish Great Grandmother came out to Australia a teenager, fell in love with the local milkman, raised 8 children and ran a dairy in Donegal Street behind the Robin Hood Hotel. I remember her clearly. At 93 looking frail and small in a big double bed in Bollingbroke Grove, her tiny frame being warmed by the brightly coloured crocheted rug she wove with her own withered, hard-working hands. She’d open the cupboards above the stove from her wheelchair, with her walking stick and would somehow get what she needed.

Jemima’s Great Grandmother, my beloved “Nornie” had raised five of her own. The first, my mother, being raised while her father was fighting in World War Two in Papua New Guinea. Nornie outlived my beloved ‘papa’ by a good twenty years and still cried whenever she talked of him. A man like no other. I loved him with all my heart, as did she.

My own mother, Jemima’s Grandmother, Annie, had to raise me!!

Outspoken, strong, assertive and feminine – but that’s for another post!

Jemima had it in her, I knew she did.

It was a day by day struggle. Each day would produce a new set of battles to overcome, but I never gave up my meditation. It became my way of being. It grounded me to Divine Mother Earth and connected me with a new (or old and forgotten) way of being.

I began receiving very clear guidance.

At first I thought it was just my imagination but then the synchronicity became too hard to ignore. I began writing after each meditation.

As I was healing and opening my heart I was able to help Mima heal too, and just at the right time.

For just around the corner was the second hurdle.