A Soul’s Journey – Week 12

“Be Careful What You Wish For……”

Jemima was going through a living hell and then out of the blue Julius started experiencing difficulties at work. All of a sudden the twenty, on-the-whole, happy years he had spent at a financial institution were becoming harder and harder to handle.

Why now?

The timing wasn’t good.

Our daughter was literally fighting for her life, she was in year 11, what on earth was going on?

Night after night, I now had to listen to tales of woe from the bank.

After what was an exhausting day, I had to buckle up for an exhausting night.

Did I want to hear about challenging bosses, difficult clients and disgruntled employees, night after night????

I sat down the end of the table and actually thought to myself, “Is this actually happening? Is this a joke? Do I actually have to listen to this right now?”

But I did.

Julius was my husband and it was also time to support him.

For him, the situation was dire. He was suffering in his own way. It looked like he may not be able to find a job within the ‘institution’, and quite frankly I hoped he wouldn’t! He was that stressed out I actually thought he would have a heart-attack.

….what we didn’t realise was the universe had a plan and in the coming months it would be bought well and truly to our attention.

I remember working at the ABC in Gore Hill in Sydney with the beautiful Merrrileeeeeeee!      I remember her saying to me…

“The Universe will give you a little tap on the shoulder at first, and if you don’t respond to that, maybe a little nudge, and if you’re still not responding it will give you a little push, and if you still ignore the guidance it will just give you a big, fat, push and knock you clean off your feet. Just so you get the message”.

It, like the rendition of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” was profound advice I will not forget.

I love the Universe and when you realise the way it all works, you will too!!

However at the time, I wasn’t aware of the workings of the Universe, so I wished for change. Something to swing my way. Something just to lift my spirits, pull me out of this exhausting situation. Obviously I had asked because he came.

In the form of,

Tall, dark AND handsome (Because it comes in three’s)

I had asked and I had received.