A Soul’s Journey – Week 13

“The ‘X’ Factor……..”

I was trying my very best to keep things ‘normal’ at home. Jemima was seeing a psychologist weekly, which helped enormously. We had sorted out her medication and found one to suit. The school had a safe space set up for her and were absolutely brilliant.We were on the right track, but acutely aware she wasn’t out of the woods yet.

We just had to be there for her.

Every minute of every day.

Julius was going through the motions and I guess the stress of work was intensified by what was happening at home. When you are living in fear, you are projecting fear – into every aspect of your life.

He wasn’t sleeping a great deal, he was traveling, all the time, and when I look back he was probably drinking more than he should.

He had in some way checked out. Who could blame him. He just went ‘missing’.

We weren’t fighting, he just wasn’t ‘there’.

So when ‘X’ breezed in through the gates of Watten Estate, it was truly like a breath of fresh air!!


Someone easy to talk to, good fun, someone that needed no looking after.

He was likeable.

He was funny, exuberant, and seemed to just have the ability to take my mind off things.

Just for a little while.

But there was something about him I couldn’t quite put my finger on.