A Soul’s Journey – Week 14

“The Slow-Moving Train……”

I remember the day we met.


Who was this guy??? Who sent him??? Why was he here, sitting in my lounge room?

I had met guys before. Loads of them. I have an enormous amount of male friends. Some of my best friends are men. Some men come and some men go and I can’t remember even meeting them. Some I have an instant connection with and we can laugh together until we cry. Some I don’t see for ten years, and probably just as well, because when we get together, there’s like a giant explosion of fun that can last for 3 days. Just beautiful friends, uncomplicated, always fun, a little naughty but just full of life and love, caring, considerate and kind. The kind of guys that if I needed them would be over in a heart-beat.

This one was a little different though.

And I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

You know the ones who are a little scary to look at? And not just because they are really good looking, but just because they seem to look directly into your soul, and let’s face it that can be a little unnerving.

I could never fully relax around him, I was always a bit on edge and the attraction didn’t happen straight away. It was like a slow-moving train. It took a while to pull out of the station, but once it hit its top speed it was almost unstoppable.

He was coming around more and more regularly.

And I was soon feeling a tad too excited when I knew we were in for a visit!

It happened one night.

We were having a dinner party, as we do. I love entertaining!

Everything was on track but for some reason I was feeling nervous.

Nervous that ‘X’ was coming.


I hadn’t felt that nervous before.

No. Something unusual was happening.

Now, we have to take into account here that I wasn’t into all things ‘energy’ back then. I was just spending time, going within, connecting to my guides and angels, so I wasn’t aware of the strength at which I could feel energy and didn’t really know what it was.

Well. I most certainly caught a glimpse of it that night.

And boy. Was it strong!!!!!!!