A Soul’s Journey – Week 15

“Something In Your Eyes…….”

All it took was a swipe of his finger against my left palm.

It happened as I handed him a beer. It was so subtle, yet fully charged.

Holy Hell!!

I didn’t know what to do, or where to look.

I just didn’t know what was happening.

I was hit by THE biggest bolt of electricity, straight through my soul, straight through to my very essence, my spirit.

He was back!

I knew this guy. I knew his very distinct energy. It was exactly like the song Iris by U2

“Once we are born, we begin to forget
The very reason we came
But you
I’m sure I’ve met
Long before the night the stars went out
We’re meeting up again…….

……Something in your eyes
Took a thousand years to get here
Something in your eyes
Took a thousand years, a thousand years”

…and in that very distinct moment, everything around me changed.

Something had shifted.