A Soul’s Journey – Week 16

“Let It Go! Let It Go……..”

He just made me smile and let’s face it, I liked resonating in his field.

This can happen.

It happens when you have an instant recognition with someone, like you know them already – a soul mate or someone from your soul family.

And you do literally resonate at the same frequency.

It wasn’t like when I met Jules. Jules, I could not have been more sure of.

This one I wasn’t.

He was in my life for a reason, but what was that?

Here come the questions again!!!

As I’ve learnt now I should have let the feelings wash straight through me.

My biggest mistake at this stage was that I attached myself to thoughts and feelings of him and for the life of me could not let them go. It was like feeding a fire instead of starving it into extinction.

Oh I fed those thoughts alright. Day in and day out. That fire was growing steadily and soon it would be a raging inferno!!

We’re good at that, adding fuel to the fire. One of my biggest lessons on my spiritual journey so far has been to learn to LET IT GO!!!!!

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

You have to be strong.

You have to be vigilant and you have to be aware.


At every moment.

And when I look back I can see just how many signs the universe was giving me, yet I still couldn’t do it.

I just couldn’t hide it anymore. What was going on inside me was being expressed all over my face, for everyone to see.

Including my husband……

…….and then came the moment it all came to a head!