A Soul’s Journey – Week 17

“The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth……”

I have always said to the children to tell me the truth.

No matter what.

There is nothing they could do that we couldn’t work through and if they chose to lie to me, the consequences would be far greater.

I stand by this.

However it wasn’t easy when Jules turned to me one night and asked if there was anything going on between X and I, and I simply said no, which was the truth!

The next question wasn’t so easy.

“Do you have feelings for him?”


If I say no, I’m going against everything I stand for so I was just going to have to take a very deep breath and tell him the truth.


I sometimes wonder whether it was worth it.

It broke my heart to see his reaction, but I’m sure it was nothing compared to how he was feeling.

This brought up a lot of questions. Night after night together on the grey couch of truth we worked our way through it. Some nights it was really quite funny, others not so, but now there was more healing to do. More questions to answer, another hurdle to overcome.

That’s the thing about feelings.

What do we do with them exactly? What purpose do they serve? (We’ll get to this later).

So now we have a daughter battling depression and a wife with a major crush.

Where to now???