A Soul’s Journey – Week 19

“Love and Peace Or Else!……….”

I’d dabbled just slightly through my life, seeing clairvoyants, reading tarots etc

It’s always interested me, but now I was on a mission – like a woman possessed.

Something massive did happen that day, it was like a switch had been turned on inside.

Maybe that’s why “X” had shown up? Precisely for this reason.

I was meditating ALL the time. Writing down all my guidance, vigilantly. Recording my dreams, looking for clues and trying to piece together an answer.

Jules always laughs actually and when I was just about to meditate, he would say,

“Hold on to your hats peeps, the cosmic bitch is about to connect!”

I’m quite fiery at the best of times: passionate, driven and fiercely determined.

I have a list of songs on my meditation playlist that I listen to when I need to ‘Get in the zone’.

Who said meditation needs to be done in silence?

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against a silent meditation, in fact I love it and need it sometimes, but in order to start ‘manifesting’ you need to get in the zone – you need to feel.

Feel a certain vibration inside of you first and then see it manifest in the physical.

I didn’t realise this yet either, however I knew that when I wanted to get things done, shift or clear some energy, I had to fire up this passion, this determination, this drive. I had to feel it in to every single cell of my body and the way to do that, is to meditate – and to meditate to something that invoked those exact feelings.

My meditation manifestation playlist, all by U2:


White As Snow

City of Blinding Lights




Ultra Violet (Light My Way)


Love Is Blindness


Love and Peace Or Else

11 tracks! and I didn’t even plan it that way!!!