A Soul’s Journey – Week 2

“Unspoken Words”

“The way forward is to wake up to what you’ve helped create and examine your part in it.

What are the unspoken words?

What is the silent agreement between you?

If you don’t express your true feelings and desires now, when will you?

No matter how painful this may be, something new and eventually more fulfilling will result if you can only be honest.

Tackling this issue is a challenge because you will feel the foundation of the relationship being threatened, and there’s a tendency for the person who takes the first tenuous step out of such collusion to be seen by the other as a traitor.

You will need both courage and objectivity.”

Friendship – The Mirror Cards Oracle by Geoff Charley and Lucy Lidell

There’s no doubt that through my entire spiritual journey my throat chakra has needed the most work. Every time I receive a healing the first thing to happen is for me to cough – violently. It’s as though I am expelling years worth of unspoken words.

The above passage taken from a card I pulled just prior to having my clarity on what to write for my blog really hit me hard.

“What are the unspoken words?”

When something happens I don’t like or makes me feel unloved I simply stop talking. When looking at this habit of mine and delving more deeply into it, I can see it has been a learned habit that stems from childhood. I was an outspoken little girl. Always speaking my truth and quite defiantly too. Unfortunately that made those around me uncomfortable. I always challenged things I didn’t think were fair and I insisted on doing things my way.

I was an outspoken, strong and rebellious female.

And that was bad!

Or so I learned to believe.

In time when I would speak out, I learnt that I would be severely reprimanded. This in turn lead to me feeling bad about my actions. I learnt that speaking my truth had bad connotations. So I merely learnt to shut-up. To let what I felt so strongly about just sit inside my being.

Can you imagine what that does to you???

So to begin healing Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, I will begin by writing the unspoken words and I will do so with both courage and objectivity.